October 18
The Alexander Home Page presents
Alexander's First Birthday
Part Three

The Grandparents

Alex and his grandmother Alex and his grandfather Alex and his grandmother

Alexander with his grandparents Alex poses with his proud grandparents. From left to right: Grandpa and Grandma (Alex's father's parents); Alexander (birthday boy); and Grandma (Alex's mother's mother).

The Cake

Birthday cake The Birthday Cake is a revered American custom. The cake is adorned with icing, candles, and an inscription. Traditionally, one candle is placed on the cake for each year that the birthday celebrant has lived. If you have any additional questions about birthday customs in the United States, please feel free to phone The Alexander Home Page at our toll-free number. Operators are standing by. In the photograph at left, Alexander poses with his first birthday cake.

The birthday boy with his very proud parents. Proud parents
Alexander's piece of cake Alexander, it has been mentioned, loves to eat. And he loved his birthday cake. He dug in with both hands. He rubbed icing on his face and in his hair. By the time he was done, his head was glowing with florescent green icing. Fortunately, most of the remainder of the guests had somewhat better table manners. Birthday cake all over his face

Eventually, the evening grew late. The gifts were opened. The meal was devoured. The cake was a mere memory. The time came to say bye bye to the guests. Here we see Alex kissing his great grandmother good-bye. Although weary from all the excitement, each guest is eagerly counting the days until Alexander's second birthday party, one year hence. Good-bye everybody!
Alex's first year has come to a close. What lies in store for his second year? Fear not! The Alexander Home Page will continue to chronicle the adventures and triumphs of Alexander, the American man-child!

October 18