Life with Lindsey
The Lindsey Home Page

Life with Lindsey: The Lindsey Home Page, made its Internet debut on August 12, 2001.

Welcome to Lindsey's home page. Lindsey is an American baby girl, born recently in one of the many states that lie east of the Mississippi River. She makes her home in the state of her birth, and she lives with her mother, her father, her brother, and her cat.

During her calmer moments, Lindsey enjoys looking around the room, cuddling with her mother, slamming her head on her father's collarbone, and practicing her vocalizations. When fussiness strikes, she can be momentarily soothed by a round or two of something her parents like to call "Dooby Doot."

Life with Lindsey will capture, in words and pictures, some of the highlights of Lindsey's early years. Think of it as a kind of online baby book. It will also allow far off relatives and friends to keep up to date with the latest photos of Lindsey. And, judging by the response to her brother's web site, it will also entertain, confuse, and outrage thousands of strangers. (Really!) So please join us for what we expect will be a fun ride. We start modestly, with an account of Lindsey's birth, and some early photographs.

First photo!
First photo of Lindsey The first photograph ever taken of Lindsey, in the hospital just hours after her birth.
The Birth of Lindsey
It was a typical Friday morning. Or so it seemed. But this particular Friday would prove to be a turning point in Lindsey's life. Her world was about to change in a way that she could not have anticipated, or even imagine.

She was, perhaps, hearing some unfamiliar noises coming from outside the walls of her home. But Lindsey never paid much attention to those noises, and if they sounded a little bit different, she wasn't likely to have noticed. She was content to just slosh around in her amniotic fluid, enjoying the occasional surge of nutrients coming in through her umbilical cord.

At 8:12 a.m., everything changed. A surgeon's scalpel deftly sliced through her front wall, creating a strange doorway, and a brilliant, blinding light flooded her home. A tremendous pair of hands reached down and lifted her out of the only home that she had ever known, and Lindsey let out a small cry as air filled her lungs for the first time.

It was June 29, 2001 and the planet Earth, home to over six billion people, had yet one more citizen.

Three turns in to four The first collective photograph of the newly enlarged family. Lindsey is the small bundle cradled in her father's right arm. The scowling little boy is Lindsey's brother Alex.
Lindsey was put on a little table, where she was examined by a nurse and a pediatrician. Minutes later, her father had tiptoed over to the table, having carefully avoided getting an accidental glimpse of the carnage on the operating table behind him. He gazed with a mixture of pride and wonder at the wiggly pink mammal who was his second child, and his first daughter.

Lindsey's mother, unfortunately, was unable to join her daughter and her husband at the examining table - she had a large incision in her abdomen that required immediate medical attention. But mother and child were destined to meet before long. On her way out of the operating room and into the nursery, Lindsey was able to stop and say a quick hello to her mother, who gave her new baby girl a kiss on her freshly cleansed head.

Lindsey relaxes with her big brother Lindsey and Alex check out the hospital mattress. It appears that Lindsey found it to be comfortable. Lindsey and her cousins Lindsey in the arms of her aunt, as her brother Alex and cousins Laura (left) and Julia gather around. Children who aren't siblings of the newborn are not allowed to visit at the hospital, but Lindsey's father decided to flout the rules and invited his nieces over.

Once in the nursery, Lindsey had to endure more indignities. She was weighed (7 pounds, 13 ounces) and her head was measured.
Alex and Lindsey Alex was very proud of his new baby sister.
Lindsey celebrates Three weeks after her birth, Lindsey celebrated the second birthday of her cousin Laura.
(It was a normal-sized head.) She had ink smeared on the soles of her feet and she was forced to wear a strange and exotic garment called a "disposable diaper." Lindsey must certainly have been entertaining thoughts of returning to her comfortable home in the womb, but as those of you who are old enough to read these words must know, that is a return trip that few, if any, ever manage to make.

Much of Lindsey's first day consisted of a cycle of naps and feedings, interrupted from time to time by medical examinations. Later in the day, she would serve as hostess to a variety of visitors. In addition to meeting and getting to know her parents, she would also have her first encounter with her older brother Alex (at the time of her birth, Lindsey was the youngest child in her family), two of her grandparents, two of her aunts, and two of her young cousins.

In the days that followed Lindsey would settle into her daily routine of eating, sleeping, and crying. She attempted to test the limits of her parents' sanity by allocating far more time to crying than to sleeping. Lindsey is gradually learning to enjoy her waking moments, and has recently been spending more and more time gurgling, cooing, and smiling, to the delight of her parents.

What does the future hold in store for Lindsey? For the short term, we predict (with rose-colored glasses) more sleeping and less crying. Beyond that, only time will tell. Lindsey's presence here on the Internet will continue for some time to come, as she picks up where her brother (star of the sometimes-controversial Alexander Home Page) left off.

So please come back from time to time. We promise that you'll either be entertained, bored, or offended. (We hope you experience all three sensations!) And if you have any comments or suggestions, send us an e-mail.

Special Bonus! For those of you who are not on our snail-mail list, here's a look at the front cover of Lindsey's birth announcement! For those of you who aren't hip to Cartoon Network, those three little girls with the big scary eyes are the Power Puff Girls, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. It's a girl!