The Amazing Six-Toed Foot of "Girl H"

Sixto Lezcano Despite his first name, Milwaukee Brewers legend Sixto Lezcano probably had only five toes on each foot.
Let's try a little experiment. Take off your socks and shoes. Go ahead, take them off. Now count your toes. Chances are, you have five on each foot. There are, of course, some people who have fewer then five. On the other hand, there are some rare individuals who have more.

It all comes down to genetics. Genes are those funny little things that determine the color of your eyes and hair, the shape of your nose, and a multitude of other characteristics. There is also a gene that determines how many fingers and toes you have.

Most of us have the gene that gives us five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot. But "Girl H," whose real identity will remain unrevealed, has a different gene. She was born with six fingers on each hand! And six toes on each foot! Shortly after birth, the doctors snipped off the two extra fingers in order to spare her the fate of a life with all mittens and no gloves. But the extra toes remained. In other words, after the fifth little piggy goes "wee wee wee" all the way home (whatever that means), one proud, defiant, little piggy remains.

Are there any advantages to having six toes, instead of a paltry five?
The six-toed foot Here it is! The amazing foot of "Girl H." Be sure to count the toes. As promised, there are six of them! Aren't you glad you visited this web page?
Do six-toed people have more fun at parties? Does their food taste better? Do five-toed people stare at them with envy? Or, perhaps, with fear? Or do they simply walk amongst us, blending in, thanks to innovative garments like shoes and socks?

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